Hey Hoverfans!

It's a sad day. A piece of film history has been lost. If I've learned one thing through my efforts to restore Li'l Bucketboy, it surely must be: make sure the people you hire know what they're doing! In what must be one of the crushing experiences of my life I must report that the restoration has met with a critical setback. Though the film dates from the early 30's, it seems that Timley Pictures cheaped out in the films production, using older and more unstable nitrate stock. What this means essentially, is that proper precautions were not taken in the films care and it exploded! One man is suffering from injuries sustained during the incident. My only comfort is that he wasn't killed! He did loose several fingers in the explosion, as well as additional injuries caused when parts of the equipment on which he was working shot at him at bullet-like speeds. This is a terrible setback for me personally, as I had put well over a year and thousands of dollars into this restoration effort. The Hoverboy curse continues, it seems...

So, is this the end of Li'l Bucketboy? I hope not. I encourage anyone with information on where I can find a new source of the film, in ANY format, to contact me.

Perhaps it is then some sort of karma that I bring encouraging news on the Hoverboy Destroys Christmas!! front. Though not a complete film print, a person has come forward with information on an early TV broadcast version. I am currently negotiating with the owner of this early telecine transfer for a viewing. Once I've seen it for myself, I can determine it's condition. Ultimately, I want to see the film return to broadcast television, so that everyone can enjoy it. However, broadcasters have certain standards which the material they air must meet, both in terms of content and quality. So, the film must be evaluated in both respects.

More as it develops...

I'd like to remind everyone that HAROLD ROSENBAUM continues to air as part of FUNPACK, Thursdays at 7:30pm on YTV in Canada. See the previous update for broadcast shedule.

Finally, a new cover for you to enjoy. It's another Charlie gem from one of the many short lived Hoverboy series from the publisher. Hoverboy's Joke Book #6.

Check it out in the COMICS section or click on the image.


Things are getting back to normal for me now, so expect more regular updates in the weeks ahead.

- MM



New year, new stuff!

The first proper update of the year is coming on Monday, but I did want to let everyone know that HAROLD ROSENBAUM: CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT, the show I did restoration work on last year, is going to begin airing next week across Canada on YTV.

Part of Nelvana's FUNPACK, the half-hour anthology show premiers tonight at 7:30pm. HAROLD ROSENBAUM chapters will start airing on February 10th. The single multi-chapter episode has been broken up into 5 thrilling parts and will air as follows:

CHAPTER 1: "Audit of Evil" - February 10
CHAPTER 2: " Depreciation to Death" - March 3
CHAPTER 3: "Taxable Trap" -
March 24
CHAPTER 4: "Ledger Lad Liquidation" - April 7
CHAPTER 5: "Dam, It's Exploding!" - April 21

All for now, see you again on Monday for a new comic strip, a new comic cover, and updates on Li'l Bucketboy and Hoverboy Destroys Christmas!!.

- MM



Happy hollidays, Hoverfans!

As you can see, a week quickly turned into a month. This is due in no small part to the fact that the girlfriend and I just bought a house! What this means is that I'll finally be able to pull a lot of old Hoverboy material out of storage, scan it, and get it up on the site for everyone to enjoy. So bear with me over the next month while I make the move and get settled in.

For those on the Hoverboy mailing list, expect the annual holliday-oriented Hoverboy nostalgia peice to pop up in your mailbox in the next day or two. Not on the mailing list? Just shoot me an email at to get onboard. For everyone else, the Christmas card will go up early in the astounding year...2005!

But now for todays update. Check it out below!

- MM

"YANK" Wartime Magazine Cover!!

Here's the first in the series of Hoverboy artifacts from a wartime propaganda collector we'll call "Dr. Mabuse". The good Doctor was very protective of his collection, so unfortunately I wasn't able to convince him to remove magazines from protective bags. But I think you'll agree it's a small price to pay to get his stuff on the site.

Check it out in the NEAT STUFF section or click on the image.



Hey Hoverfans! Just a quick one today. But expect something cool on Monday!

I've heard of a recent Saturday Night Live sketch that involved a bucket headed hero. If anyone has any info, or better yet pictures, shoot me an email!

- MM

A new addition to THE HOVERBOY LEGACY page.

I was in my local comic shop (THE SILVER SNAIL) today and low and behold, what do my eyes see? Is that a new Hoverboy figure...?!

Sadly it wasn't. What it was is a new figure from The Muppets line of toys from Palisades. Why the confusion? Am I insane?

Check it out in THE HOVERBOY LEGACY section or click on the image.



Hey Hoverfans!

Just when I promise to start regular new updates I up and go on vacation! I was in the UK for two weeks digging into my roots and seeing the sights. I also had the unique opportunity to call on a couple of Hoverboy fans from across the pond. During the heady propaganda boom of the war years Hoverboy followed the US troops to England, where he appeared in several magazines and even training films. I was able to gain access to a wealth of this material through a dedicated collector of war memorabilia. This collector was initially weary of allowing me to present his material on the site, but after speaking with me at length, was won over by my enthusiasm... So throughout the rest of the year, expect to see updates centering on the the war in Europe. Some really great stuff to come!

Li'l Bucketboy continues. The more I learn the more I realize you can't rush the restoration process. Working with the materials is tricky, and once something is done, it cannot be undone.

Server troubles kept me from putting up the latest comic strip before I left. So here she be.

See you next Monday. - MM



NEWS: JULY 29, 2004

Hey Hoverfans! Back with the first full new update!

I've had it suggested to me that I should break up my updates, so that you don't get all the Hovergoodness on Monday, then have to wait a full week for more. So, I've decided to continue with the regular Monday updates, but I've shifted the weekly comic strip to Fridays. In some cases I may even be able to put up two comic strips a week, but lets see how this works out first.

So, we'll see you Friday for the next thrilling chapter of the comic strip.

Now, on with the update... - MM

Hoverboy seems to have a split personality disorder on the cover of this WWII era issue of SKY HEROS.

Check it out in the COMICS section or click on the image.

I've started a new page in the called THE HOVERBOY LEGACY. Here I'll collect all the images, weblinks and such of observant Hoverfans who've spotted Hover-influenced material.

To get started are two interesting entries:

A new live-action Hoverboy show (but it's not what you think...), and is that Homer Simpson as Hoverboy?

Check it out in THE HOVERBOY LEGACY section or click on the image.


NEWS: JULY 27, 2004

Due to a "hickup" with my host, I won't be able to upload this weeks update until Thursday. Check back then for several cool updates. - MM

NEWS: JULY19, 2004

March 1st? Did I say March 1st? I meant August 1st! Sure I'm a couple weeks early, but I like to push myself...

Truthfully, I've had very little time to devote to 'ol Buckethead lately. The story goes something like this: late last year I was co-hosting a presentation at the National Film Board of Canada put on by the Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS for short). Patrick Jenkins had coupled me with Rocket Robin Hood guru David Pietila for a presentation entitled "Hoverboy and the Legacy of Rocket Robin Hood". I'm a big fan of RRH, having been warped by it from an early age, and the late 50's Hoverboy series had clearly influenced some of the stylistic elements of the show, so it seemed like a natural fit.

Well, unbeknownst to me, a gentlemen named Matt Ferguson was in the audience that night, and was impressed with the restoration work I'd done on the HOVERBOY DESTROYS CHRISTMAS!! trailer, as well as my ongoing Li'l Bucketboy work. So he asked me if I could give him a hand with an old show he was restoring called HAROLD ROSENBAUM: CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT. It's a fun adventure show in the Republic serial mode, by way of Raymond Chandler. But let me tell you, it was a mess! So, since the beginning of this year I've been hard at work with Matt and his crack team, bringing 5 serialized episodes of HAROLD up to broadcastable condition. These restored episodes will be part of an anthology show produced by Nelvana Animation that will run on YTV here in Canada this fall. I'll provide more details as I get them.

The good news is that this bit of contract work has given me the much needed funds to continue the Li'l Bucketboy restoration project. I can say, with all confidence that I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Some proper stills from the short should start showing up VERY soon.

This week will mark the return of weekly Monday updates to the site, so please stop by and see what's new.
Just the newest comic strip this week, but next week I'll be back with much more. Promise...!

'Til then. -MM


NEWS: MARCH 28, 2004

Work has been keepin' me pretty busy. Hence the lack of updates. Next week, expect the next installment of the Hoverboy daily comic stip.

I was able to clean up the Hover-Boys of America membership card from the March 1 update, so you can print out your own membership card! So click here for that.

'Til next time. -MM

NEWS: MARCH 1, 2004

Hey there Hoverfans! Several exciting updates today. The most interesting peice is the "Hover-Boys of America" membership card. For next week, I'm going to try and clean it up a bit and create a version that you can print out for your very own!

I can't tell you how exicited I am on the progress of restoring the Li'l Bucketboy short "Beatin's for Bread". Things are moving along swimmingly, expect to see a short clip of footage on the site very soon...

I've been told by a couple of readers that the weekly strips are a bit difficult to read. I've bumped up the size on this weeks strips, and will re-scan the other ones for next week's update. -MM


Oh, Hoverboy... you scamp! Hoverboy puts Hovergirl in her place in HOVERBOY #36.

Check it out in the COMICS section or click on the image.

"Hover-Boys of America" Membership Card! TOO COOL!!

Peter Adams from Iowa sent me this truly amazing peice of Hoverboy memorabelia.

Check it out in the NEAT STUFF section or click on the image.


NEWS: FEBUARY 16, 2004


Work got in the way of a bigger update this week, but here's this week's strip. Next week, expect a new comic cover, another strip and a special surprise... -MM



Starting this week, in addition to other materials, you can expect to find a new installment of the 1940's Hoverboy daily newspaper strip on the main page! Check out the STRIP ARCHIVE section for past strips. More fun to come next week, so keep coming back for more. -MM


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