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On this day in 1937: Hoverboy makes a brief guest onscreen appearance in the Three Stooges two reel comedy, “Mop That Gob, Sailor!”  Some have suggested the man with the bucket who is hovering in the back of the big finale scene is not Hoverboy, but simply a sailor with Moe’s bucket on his head.  They claim if you look carefully you can see he is standing on a small step on the side of the battleship.

On this day in 1974: a member of the Nutt family approaches the manufacturers of Mop ‘N’ Glow Floor Wax about having Hoverboy become the spokesperson for their product.  Ala ‘Mr. Clean.’  The company cannot figure out how to have him fill the bucket with water and Mop ‘N’ Glow when the bucket is upside down on his head. 

This week in 1993: the several member's of Bob Stark's family from his second marriage sue the Nutt family for their share of the profits of Hoverboy POG sales. POGs, the small, round, cardboard disks, are a sudden fad amongst kids. By the time the lawsuit reaches court, POG's are passé, as kids realize, "Hey, these are just stupid round discs." It’s the first legal action in almost a decade and signals the beginning of a revival of interest in the Bucket-Topped dynamo. That interest also fades as kids realize, "Hey, it's a guy in a bucket."





All images copyright Marcus Moore